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IBLC11-Abstract-Adult students as agents of change – Case Open University studies 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Bridging the Gap between School and University: 'Get Ready for Languages'. 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Changing needs, changing directions: ‘Blending’ blended learning with a dual mode cohort 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Chauffeured Learning through Assessment Design: A Conceptual Framework 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Designing the Curriculum: From innovation to enhancement 1 comment
IBLC11-Abstract-Developing web accessible laboratories for systems engineering students 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-E-learning design and implementation; the student perspective. 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Empowering, supporting and motivating the learner by developing an interactive, academically structured, problem-based blended learning approach to l 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Enhancing Learning through Technology Student Vidcasts to Enhance Student Learning and Employability: A Case Study 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Enhancing the Blended Learning Experience through Flexibility 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Enhancing the Blended Learning Experience through Flexibility 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Enhancing the Wellbeing of the University (and employability, and professional development, and portfolios, and...). 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Exploring the relative value of Clickers compared to alternative approaches to quizzes. 2 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-From Innovation to Institutional Enhancement: Operating in Challenging Times - Glamorgan’s Web 2.0 Story 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-HELP ME - Mobile Enhanced Higher Education Launch Pad 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-idemand Feedback: Investigation of Feedback behaviour and preferences with efficient solutions for improving Student Satisfaction 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-INTEGRATE: INTerlinking and Embedding GRaduate ATtributes at Edinburgh Project Report 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-It’s a DODL: Developing Online Distance Learning Open Educational Resources (OER) to Support 21st Century Curriculum Design 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Learning from the Students: It's Time to Move On! 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Making Assessment Count (MAC) – Maximising the Benefits through a Consortium Approach 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Pulling the Physical and Virtual Environment into the Blend 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Research study on video and audio podcasting on a large under graduate final year module 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-SCRUM-based learning and teaching: an evaluation study on collaborative and immersive learning 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Starting & Sharing: Wiki Glossaries in the curriculum 2 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Students as Change Agents: Using Consumer Technologies to Build Effective Learning Communities in an Internationalised Context 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Supporting development of blended learning across an institution. 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Sustaining and embedding innovations to achieve institutional enhancement in learning and teaching. 2 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-The challenges of student engagement on GDL blended learning 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-The role of Critical Friends in supporting institutions in moving from innovation to institutional enhancement. 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-The Use of Podcasts for Teaching Finance to Business Studies Students at the University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-There is an urgent need to help students through the transition period from school or college into Higher Education and we have only just begun to un 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Towards Enhanced Feedback Practices in a Virtual Environment: a case study. 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Transforming Curriculum Delivery through Technology 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Unlocking the Hidden Curriculum: Using Augmented Reality as an Engaging and Immersive Learning Resource 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Using Asynchronous Video to Promote Learner Engagement through the Enhancement of Assessment and Feedback 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Using the JISC Steps towards effective technology-enhanced assessment and feedback to support institutional enhancement of assessment and feedback 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Using the Staff Knowledge Management Toolkit to Enhance Learning Supporting you in developing the curriculum 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Wiki supporting blended learning practices in university teaching 0 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Workshop: Can playing poker game lead to institutional enhancements? 2 comments
IBLC11-Abstracts-Engaging Creative Arts students using blogs and online communities 0 comments
IBLC11-Keynote-Building university learners’ and teachers’ capacity to meet the challenges of blended learning in a transitioning society. 0 comments
IBLC11-Keynote-From Challenge to change: how technology can transform curriculum delivery’ 0 comments
IBLC11-Keynote-Supporting the teacher as blended learning innovator 0 comments
IBLC11-Keynote-Thinking Beyond the LMS: Considering the Possibilities 0 comments