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CONF TIPS: Etiquette for questions on live presentations 0 comments
CONF TIPS: What you can do to participate if not attending the live sessions 0 comments
CONF TIPS: What you need to do if attending the live presentations 0 comments
FRI: Keynote - Be prepared to resist: Critically evaluating the impact of openness in the developing world. (Dr Leigh-Anne Perryman) 0 comments
KEYNOTE MON: Wide open or ajar? A personal view of the tensions around openness (Sarah Chesney) 3 comments
Keynote Presentation: OERs, Inclusion and Xerte (Simon Ball) 4 comments
Keynote Presentation: Openness and Innovation (Martin Weller) 2 comments
KEYNOTE THU: Design, support, measure, improve: making online learning that works (Patrick McAndrew) 0 comments
KEYNOTE: Open practices: Inclusion, Innovation or Implementation (Gráinne Conole) 2 comments
MON: (Keynote) Expanding our understanding of openness in the context of disabled students in higher education (Jane Seale) 2 comments
MON: Curriculum design in online open education, does it take into account learning styles and contribute to inclusion (John Sumpter) 8 comments
MON: Does personality affect our participation with the open environment? (Debbie Meakin) 8 comments
MON: E-Portfolios and profiling: a new web site resource for Scottish schools (Ian Hoffman) 14 comments
MON: Effective Vocabulary Acquisition for Students Learning English as A Foreign Language through Game-Based Learning (Allison Fink) 10 comments
MON: Inclusion, exclusion and inequality of access to OERs: Mapping the borders of the digital divide (Helen Johnson) 5 comments
MON: Keynote - Open for the Public: Pedagogies Toward the Commons (Dr Robin DeRosa) 0 comments
MON: Leveraging mobile technologies and Web 2.0 tools to engage those with an interest in the centenary of the First World War cont.....(Jonathon Vernon) 20 comments
MON: Networking in Health and Social Care: The Implementation of On-line Forums for Peer Support (Susan Hobbs) 7 comments
MON: Open Educational Practice and Public Engagement: a case study from a less commonly taught language (Ulrich Tiedau) 3 comments
MON: Think IT: supporting the inclusion of parents as co-partners in the development of critical digital literacy amongst UK key stage 3 pupils (Nicola Morris) 9 comments
SAT: (Keynote) A reflection on learning gains through the engagement with informal learning opportunities in social media spaces (Sue Beckingham) 1 comment
SAT: Can Open Education Resources pay their way? (Daniel Clark) 10 comments
SAT: English Language Teaching in a Developing Country: Towards a framework of implementation (Sophia Economides) 4 comments
SAT: Implementing an open educational system in a corporate setting - Opportunities and challenges (Michelle Bourgein) 5 comments
SAT: Innovative Storytelling: A study of Traditional and Digital Storytelling in the Primary Classroom (Helen Meyer) 7 comments
SAT: Making it Happen’, Supporting or Engendering Open Academic Practice using Jorum Open Educational Resources (OERs) within a manufacturing..(cont.)(Avril Sweeney) 9 comments
SAT: Reducing barriers to sharing material in the humanities department of a University of Applied Science leading to the implementation of a common CMS (Mark Adams) 10 comments
SAT: Stellar & Open: The Case for Using Open Educational Resources and Practices within our own Communities and beyond... (cont.) (Peter Farran) 2 comments
SAT: The Digital Literacy Cookbook (Cara Saul) 15 comments
SAT: Using Simple Open Source Computers and Free software to provide Innovative Computer Science lessons (Claire Griffiths) 9 comments
SAT: What gives a tutor the X Factor: Examining the criteria for successful online learning facilitation (Sarah Quinnell) 11 comments
THU: (Keynote) The Digital Scholar Revisited (Martin Weller) 3 comments
THU: An IELTS Task 1 Autonomous Collaborative Personal Learning Environment (Gareth Davies) 6 comments
THU: Edutainment: The use of informal games in the formal education of Autistic students. (Lucy Spalding) 12 comments
THU: Knowledge is social: learning in an open online, global community of practice (Siobhan Duvigneau) 3 comments
THU: MOOC Migration: To what extent does the MOOC model fit in China? (Sian Lovegrove) 16 comments
THU: Open Digital Badges – A practical proposal for the use of open digital badges in an ASB Online Academy course (Debbie Grieve) 19 comments
THU: Refreshing Prensky, mapping individuals digital usage (Richard Lamb) 18 comments
THU: Sharing Ideas for OU Live Digital Teaching Materials We have the tools and ideas, how do we implement sharing? (Marshal B. Anderson) 6 comments
THU: Taming the wild or wilding the tame? Supporting the implementation of open textbooks. (Jo Jacob) 14 comments
THU: Workshop to explore possible ways to increase Prison students’ engagement in Higher Education (Eileen Mansfield) 10 comments