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David Griffiths, Timothy Goddard and Mi Wang: Why has IMS LD not led to the advances which were hoped for? 1 comment
Dejan Ljubojevic and Diana Laurillard: Pedagogical Pattern Collector software tool 1 comment
Diana Laurillard and Liz Masterman: Re-envisioning Pedagogic Planning: the Learning Designer 1 comment
Luis Pablo Prieto, Yannis Dimitriadis and Sara Villagrá-Sobrin: Representing learning design and classroom orchestration through atomic patterns 3 comments
Yannis Dimitriadis, Luis Pablo Prieto and Sara Villagrá-Sobrin: Designing for enactment: Multi-level patterns and routines in teacher practice 2 comments
#taggedlife: a mobile game and social experiement 1 comment
Ana Maia, Teresa Pessoa, Leonel Morgado and Paulo Martins: Specification of pedagogical processes and dynamics in e-learning through modeling languages 2 comments
Analysing Context: Factors and Concerns 2 comments
Andrew Brasher, Simon Cross and Rebecca Galley: CompendiumLD 2 comments
brainstorming learning design 10 comments
cloudworks feature requestes 6 comments
CogenT – Co–generative Toolkit 0 comments
Cook: Two Cases of Design Research that Explore How Mobile Devices and Social Media Mediate ‘Informal Learning’ to Drive the Debate: Can Learning Design Hack it? 4 comments
Dan Kohen-Vacs, Miky Ronen and Ronen Hammer: Designing, Enacting & Sharing Collaborative Online Activities with CeLS 8 comments
Daniel Burgos: IMS Learning Design next move: extensions and improvements on personalisa-tion and interoperability 4 comments
Design for Learning: Special Interest Group Lunch 1 comment
Design narrative template 0 comments
Design patterns and principles for MOOCs? 6 comments
Discuss "Learning Design Visual Sequence" 0 comments
Discuss "pMOOC pedagogical pattern" 0 comments
discuss: "design narratives" 0 comments
discuss: "Healthy Eating" as a 4 Ts model 1 comment
discuss: "Healthy Eating" as a 4SPPIces Model and in LdShake 1 comment
discuss: "Healthy Eating" as a Design Narrative 1 comment
discuss: "Healthy Eating" as an ISiS model and in the ScenEdit tool 0 comments
discuss: "Healthy Eating" as an OpenGLM model 0 comments
discuss: "Healthy Eating" in an e-Design Template 6 comments
discuss: "Healthy Eating" in CADMOS 1 comment
discuss: "Healthy Eating" in the Design Principles Database 2 comments
discuss: "Healthy Eating" in the Learning Designer 1 comment
discuss: "Healthy Eating" in Web Collage 4 comments
discuss: PI project "Healthy Eating" activity 4 comments
Discussing 2 comments
Discussion cloud for OLDS MOOC blog post "Alignment Concerns" 3 comments
DIY Mobile Apps 0 comments
dreambazaar tags in bibsomony 0 comments
Examples of MOOCs to review, critique, and learn from 20 comments
Feedback 5 comments
Feedback 0 comments
Feedback on " Personas, Force Maps and Scenarios" 0 comments
Feedback: Dreambazaar activity 6 comments
Feedback: OLDS MOOC 3 comments
Feedback: team up! 6 comments
Force Maps 0 comments
Formative Evaluation Paper 0 comments
google plus event page 0 comments
Grand Challenge: Empower the Future Teacher 0 comments
H800 Cloudquest challenge 59 comments
Helen Walmsley: The e-Design Template: a pedagogic guide for elearning designers 1 comment
Hernández-Leo et al: Let’s shake on it: can we support co-edition and sharing using diverse existing learning design editors within the same platform? 1 comment
Heuristic evaluation 0 comments
IET Technology Coffee Morning: Using Google Apps to Facilitate Dialectical Education 0 comments
ILDE embed 0 comments
Introduction to design narratives 7 comments
Introduction to the workshop and the Learning Design Grid 0 comments
Issues and barriers to mobile learning 0 comments
Iterative research and development of teacher training in learning design 0 comments
jisc design studio 0 comments
LD software 7 comments
Learning Designs 2 comments
Liz Masterman: From proof of concept to evidence of impact: towards a principled approach to evaluating learning design tools 2 comments
Mary Katsamani and Symeon Retalis: CADMOS Learning Design tool 0 comments
METIS Learning Design Workshop 0 comments
Metis project deliverable D3.2: Draft of pilot workshop 0 comments
Metis workshops: project overview 0 comments
Michael Derntl: OpenGLM: The Open Graphical Learning Modeller 0 comments
mobiLearnFest: mobile learning festival 0 comments
OLDS MOOC launch: pre-event discussion 6 comments
OLDS MOOC Project plan 0 comments
OLDS MOOC: getting started with cloudworks - step by step 0 comments
OLDS MOOC: Introduction and discussion 21 comments
OLDS-MOOC Course Map 25 comments
Pattern: Guess my X (GmX) 0 comments
Personas and Force maps at the OLDS MOOC design workshop 5 comments
Planned Activity Profile (OLDS-MOOC design) 0 comments
Plenaries 0 comments
Poster preperation 0 comments
Poster presentations and discussion 2 comments
resources for the MobiLearnFest 0 comments
resources, links and sundry 5 comments
Results of Mobile Learning Mini-Survey 0 comments
Scenario foundations: context, challenge, and techno-pedagogical approach 0 comments
Scenario foundations: context, challenge, and techno-pedagogical approach 0 comments
Scenario: using OLNet to teach myself Spanish 0 comments
Session 1: Practices & Methods (Yannis Dimitriadis) 2 comments
Session 1: Theoretical Frameworks and Representations (Gráinne Conole) 5 comments
Session 1: Tools and Resources (Mike Sharples) 2 comments
Session 2: Integration, green group (Davinia Hernández-Leo) 0 comments
Session 2: Integration, orange group (Simos Retalis) 0 comments
Session 2: Integration, yellow group (Yael Kali) 0 comments
Session 3: Learning Design Tools Bazaar 2 comments
Session 3: Presentation and walk-through with Learning Design resources 1 comment
Session 4: Hands-on work in groups using Learning Design resources 0 comments
Session 4: Plenary discussion: outputs, reflections, and ways forward 4 comments
Session 5: Concluding Plenary 0 comments
Stanford open AI course 0 comments
Susan Mckenney: Designing and researching technology enhanced learning for the zone of proximal implementation 1 comment
Sympossium: Design pattern methodologies symposium 3 comments
template 4 comments
Terminology review 0 comments
testing bibsonomy 0 comments
testing discussion thread embed 0 comments
testing google plus embed 0 comments
the Design Principles Database (DPD) 0 comments
the Learning Design Challenge 5 comments
the Participatory Pattern Workshops Methodology 0 comments
The SoMoLearn initiative: empowering teachers to recruit mobile technologies and social media as an ally 0 comments
Thomas Ryberg, Lillian Buus, Marianne Georgsen, Tom Nyvang and Jacob Davidsen: Introducing the Collaborative E-learning Design method (CoED) 1 comment
Tool: Collage 0 comments
Tool: ldShake 0 comments
Tool: ldShake 0 comments
Tool: Pedagogical Pattern Collector 13 comments
Tool: ReCourse 0 comments
Tool: ReLoad 0 comments
Tool: the Learning Design Tool 2 comments
Tool: The Learning Designer 0 comments
Valerie Emin and Jean-Philippe Pernin: ScenEdit: an intention-oriented learning design authoring tool 3 comments
Week 1: Initiate (and introduction) 0 comments
Week 2: Inquire (Considering context and resources) 0 comments
Week 3: Ideate (Brainstorming and conceptualisation) 0 comments
Week 4: Connect (Reusable design knowledge) 0 comments
Week 5: Prototype (Testing, trialling and modelling) 0 comments
Week 6: Curate (OERs) 0 comments
Week 7: Review 0 comments
Week 8: Reflect (State of play, grand challenges and theoretical perspectives) 0 comments
Week 9: Closure 0 comments
Workshop call for participation 0 comments
Workshop Summary and Grand Challenge: Empower the Future Teacher 0 comments
Yael Kali and Tamar Ronen-Fuhrman: Making Expert Design Knowledge Useful for Novices 2 comments